A Self Care Journey

Meet the Founder




Hello, my name is Jenna Moayedi. An avid Nespresso fan, endless dreamer and wife to a rock star husband who is more supportive than I could ever imagine. Self care is the core of Indigo Aura Self Care and my goal is to educate women on the true value of taking care of our mental, physical and emotional health. Without it, we cannot operate at our very best and achieve our wildest dreams.  

The basis of Indigo Aura Self Care comes from my own journey of suffering the consequences of not taking care of myself. I had to change my lifestyle in order to save my life. So I did and now I'm helping other women do the same. 


I created Indigo Aura Self Care to help others find their way out of the chaos regardless of what that chaos looks like. It is a community, it is products that will help people create moments of zen and a lifestyle brand that will help you achieve balance.   

Jenna Moayedi
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