How To Be A Boss In A Global Pandemic

I started a self development coaching business during the pandemic and this is topic that comes up first and foremost. My clients are fearful of the times, overwhelmed with their ideas and not quite sure where to start. So here is what I teach them...

Understand your power

Manifestation and believing in your ability to accomplish something is literally half the battle. Most of my clients hold themselves back by not believing in their abilities and obvious talents. I then work with them to flip the script by using manifestation techniques, journaling, business building activities and self work. This includes working on understanding self worth and understanding that unique gift you hold that no one else holds. If you believe that you can do something, it will happen. Never underestimate the power of believing in yourself.

Debunk the "oversaturated market" myth

The idea of an oversaturated market is an excuse that people use instead of doing the work. There is enough room for ALL of us, trust me! There is no other self care company or business coach that I would not support, because honestly, starting a business is hard and entrepreneurs need all the support possible. The reason you should not be concerned with an oversaturated market is because you have something unique to offer. You may sell jewelry, but how YOU sell jewelry is what makes your product unique. Is it the fact that you use local gems? Is your process of making the jewelry different? Are you funny and can make a great TikTok to spread brand awareness? There are so many ways to make your offering unique. No more negative oversaturated market talk. Make your offering, you!

Confidence can be learned

As a woman, society has told me that I will be successful if... I graduate college, get a corporate desk job, find a husband and have children. WRONG. Life needs to be what you want it to be and confidence plays a huge role in what you think vs what you fear society will think of you. Confidence can be learned by practicing gratitude, being in the moment with your thoughts, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and rejecting the idea that what other people think of you is true. I have always had an outlandish personality and I learned at a young age that I was different. In high school, I was bullied heavily in a small town in northern California. My solution: I went to a university in San Francisco to find my weirdos and it was the best decision I could have ever made. I starting my career there, met my wonderful partner and then moved away when the time felt right. Follow your vibe. That does not mean you have to move, but it means that you should surround yourself with

people who embrace who you are as an individual. What you have going on is your superpower. If you struggle with confidence, you have yet to discover that super power. As always, feel free to reach out and ask questions.

I will now be offering self development sessions via zoom, phone or in person for those located in the Dallas, TX area. I hope this brought you value!


Jenna Moayedi

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