How to master the art of organization

Organization is an incredible skill to master because it will directly impact and touch so many aspects of your life, business and mental health.

Discipline Organization is a skill and the first step to take when making the decision to be more organized is to accept the discipline that is required to make it happen. If you were a go with a flow personality before, it will take you a bit longer to find structure and come into a routine, but I promise it is possible. It is all about manifestation and doing the work. If you believe you can, you will and if you work hard to make it a skill, it will become one.

The Planner Now it is time to get a planner where you can write it all down. I have no issues with technology, but like I have said previously, if you write it down, you are 90% more likely to do it. So go get that planner! I got mine from Target, but you can find a planner anywhere. I like planners that have a month calendar, week and then a daily so you can see the overall picture and then go day by day.

Your Routine Your routine is essential and absolutely key in establishing a more organized life. Keep your planner in a place where you will always see it. I write and look through my planner before I start my work day and as I am drinking my first cup of coffee. It is important to set a time every day where you will write, update and look through your planner. The best times are in the morning before you start your day or the evening before you go to bed.

Let's Get Organized There are a million things that will be thrown your way in a week so let's organize it. First, do not separate your schedules from home, work and your social life. You can definitely have a separate work schedule, but for the purpose of this planner, make sure to include the big things. The best way to stay organized is to plan out your day on paper as you will live it out.

Start By Month Before a new month starts, map out the big things that will occur in the month. This will include travel plans, big life events, visitors, etc. After that, include the things that you absolutely would like to accomplish, especially during quarantine. An example of this can be deep cleaning, working on a project, or your overall goals for the month.

Then By Week This is where you will refer to the week portion of your planner.

Your week is where you will already have your appointments and plans already listed, but you can add in goals or tasks based off of what your schedule looks like, such as workouts and self care moments. The week is really helpful for me to visualize because honestly, I forget everything and it gives me an idea of what to expect and how I can plan forward. Your planner will start to be something you love because it will keep you on track and that is ultimately great for your mental health.

By the Day This is where self discipline is necessary. Make sure to commit to your day and do what you set out to do. But never overwhelm yourself or beat yourself up for not accomplishing something. Your mental health and well being should always come first. Over the years, I have learned to do the work and get it done, but when my cup is empty, I have the self awareness to know that it's time to pause. Anxiety is created by uncertainty and people pleasing. If you can control your schedule, it will truly help with anxiety. Organization has been a healing mechanism for me that I didn't think would help, but absolutely did. Be smarter than your anxiety. If you anticipate and plan for it, you can beat it!

The Secret Most people are not organized. If you have goals, plans for your future, and big fat dreams, this is the first step in making sure they happen. If you are struggling with balance, self care and mental wellness, this is the answer to making the time for it. We are all given the same about of time in a day. The difference between every individual is how you use that time. I choose to be organized, strive for success and keep my mental health game on point. How will you use your time moving forward?

Jenna Moayedi

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