How To ReUse Indigo Aura Candle Vessels

I am incredibly proud to have a product that can be multipurpose and let's face it, these vessels are hand made and gorgeous so why not, reuse!

  • Step 1: Burn the candle when it is as the end of life and when you blow it out after being completely melted, pour the remaining wax into a trash can.

  • Step 2: Use scissors or a sharp object to remove the wick. I use wick stickers so it may require a slight tug, but it will come off fairly easy.

  • Step 3: Turn on the kitchen faucet and get the water as hot as possible, put dish soap in the vessel and gently clean.

  • Step 4: Use the vessel any way you would like! I use them for makeup brushes, cotton balls for the guest bathroom, living room decor, a large cup for coffee or matcha, and even for succulents or smaller plants. There are a million different ways that these vessels can be used. Please post on instagram and tag us to share all of your amazing ideas.

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