Meet the Founder - Indigo Aura Self Care

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

My name is Jenna Moayedi, an avid Nespresso fan, endless dreamer and wife to a rock star husband who is more supportive than I could ever imagine. 

When it came to self care in the past... I was terrible at it... in fact, it wasn't present in my life at all. At one point, life got so "busy" that my relationship was struggling and I had a major health scare. This is when I realized that if I did not start taking care of my mental health, establish work-life balance and create moments for myself every single day, my relationship was going to die along with my well being. So I did something about it! I established great self care habits that have truly transformed my life and I am excited to share them with you! 

I created Indigo Aura Self Care to help others find their way out of the chaos regardless of what that chaos looks like.You may be a mother of four, a top sales person at your company, a VP of finance, a struggling entrepreneur, rockstar, farmer, doctor, doesn't matter because all you need to know is that you are in control of your life and it can be balanced. 

Indigo Aura self care is a community, it is products that will help people create moments of zen and a lifestyle brand that will help you achieve balance. 

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