Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

A quick guide to my favorite, local, female owned businesses. These makers create noteworthy products that will make perfect gifts for the holidays. Enjoy!


Headquartered in Dallas, Tx, Caylo is a women's apparel online clothing store that offers that trendiest and must-have styles.

From the founder "CAYLO removes the obstacle that make stylish clothing unreachable for so many women. Our pieces are affordable and easy to mix and match. They look equally good in an office, behind a stroller, at brunch with girlfriends, or traveling the world. "

My experience This online boutique has some of the best collections that I have ever seen. The founder is very thoughtful about choosing items that are on trend, but also very different from anything else on the market. If you are looking for that perfect winter look, Caylo is definitely a shop that you should check out.

Shop Caylo

Bring Me Bronze

Headquartered in Denver, CO, Bring Me Bronze is owned by the best spray tan artist I have ever known. Her spray tan was so good, she decided to bottle it so that all her clients can enjoy her perfect tan regardless of their location. It is winter time ladies. Shop accordingly!

From the Founder

Meet Kambri, Owner, Master Certified Spray Tan Artist, Contouring Specialist & Registered Dental Assistant. Helping others feel confident and comfortable with their own skin, and smile is her passion! She believes that people have a little extra bounce in their step and exude more positive energy into the world when they start their day

My Experience

I am a very regular customer at Bring Me Bronze and I purchase her incredible tanning mousse at least once a month and the teeth whitening a couple times a year. The tanning mousse is the perfect tan year round, it blends seamlessly and doesn't leave awful streaks or orange hues. The teeth whitening is a product that is professional grade and really easy to use. Both make perfect gifts for the holidays!

Shop Bring Me Bronze

Shop VPQ

Headquartered in Dallas, Tx, VPQ is a hand made custom jewelry boutique with vintage clothing items and gorgeous pieces that are unique and inspiring.

From the Founder

"These pieces are handmade in Deep Ellum, TX. All genuine milky and rose quartz healing stones supercharged through moon cleansing, for your holistic use. I created my first necklace with my mom as a fun project, and then it slowly evolved into a need... a need to not only be my creative self and work with positive energy sources, but a philanthropic need to help raise funds for my family as well as others in Puerto Rico and within the communities of the Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria hit in 2017. With the help of family and friends in Texas, I was able to use proceeds from the necklaces to put towards many care packages to help the progression for communities in need."

My Experience

I am obsessed with Shop VPQ and honestly haven't seen jewelry like it. I will be purchasing several gifts from her because her jewelry is handmade, the quality is superb and it will make a perfect gift for my mom and sister. A great gift to consider for the person who is hard to shop for because they won't find it anywhere else.

Shop VPQ

Indigo Aura Self Care

Headquartered in Dallas, Tx, Indigo Aura is a self care company that gives women a moment of peace and created by yours, truly.

My personal choices for holiday gifts:

Candles: Dallas Babe, Cedar Wood & Spice, Amber Lavender, Peaceful Pine, Home Body, Kumquat & Citrus

Bath Soaks: Mindful Detox

Diffusing Essential Oil: Balanced Aura, Calm Down Girl Boss

The basis of Indigo Aura Self Care comes from my own journey of suffering the consequences of not taking care of myself. I had to change my lifestyle in order to save my life. So I did and now I'm helping other women do the same. 

I created Indigo Aura Self Care to help others find their way out of the chaos regardless of what that chaos looks like. It is a community, it is products that will help people create moments of zen and a lifestyle brand that will help you achieve balance. 

Shop Indigo Aura Self Care

Jamie Bakes

Headquartered in Dallas, Tx, Jamie bakes is an artisan cookie company made with the finest ingredients.

My Experience :

Jamie bakes is the perfect treat that we all need during this unforgiving time. As a baker myself, these cookies blew my mind. They offer gift boxes for the holidays and their packaging is thoughtful and super cute. If you don't know what to bring to your next small gathering, this is the perfect host gift. My personal favorites are the everything but the kitchen sink cookie, the S'more than a feeling cookie and the snickerdoodle.

Email her directly to order!

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