The Heart Behind the Brand

I started a self care company with the deep understanding that this is something women need and often ignore. My goal is to start the conversation about self care, mental wellbeing and create an awareness around burnout and the long term effects of not taking moments to find peace. This all stems from my own experience of climbing the corporate ladder and ignoring my own well being. At the age of 28, I reached my goal of being in a leadership role, but was simultaneously diagnosed with cancer and it was until that moment that I started to take self care seriously. I used my 20s to grind, build my career and while that absolutely paid off in some facets, it took a massive toll on my health. I want to encourage women to shoot for the stars and accomplish all that they want to achieve, while also scheduling self care and time to decompress.

I was raised my two entrepreneurs, so owning my own company has never been a far fetched idea. I have always visualized the glamour in putting all my heart and soul into my own business. Despite all the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to pull it off, I love every minute of it. The customers and success stories make it worth every second of my time.

I named the company Indigo Aura Self Care because I was listening to a song and it described what indigo aura meant. The aura itself represents tranquility, intuition, empathy, devotion, loyalty and wisdom. These are all values that I wanted for my brand and being that it was intended to represent a self care empire, I added the words self care at the end, making it open to interpretation of what the next products would be in the future.

Candles were a natural first step for starting a product series within Indigo Aura because I wanted to start with a product that I use daily to create a moment of self care. It all started with a candle that I purchased at the farmers market that was expensive and burned horribly. I immediately knew that I could create a product that was clean, high quality and affordable to my consumer. Like any industry, there are makers in the candle industry that are cutting corners and I wanted to change that. I want people to burn my candles and never want to purchase any other brand again because their experience was everything they expected and more. I use clean ingredients, that are Texas local and make every candle by hand to ensure quality standards are met. Now the company has expanded into essential oils that are wildly popular, bath soaks with flowers from our garden in Allen, TX and soaps that will be coming soon!

During the pandemic, I started to meet other entrepreneurs at tradeshows and through social media. They started to ask if I had a coaching program for women. After hearing this often, I decided to launch my self development and personal coaching series for women. My coaching focuses on a customized approach to each individual. I help women achieve confidence in their abilities, organizational structure in their life and a fail proof approach to starting a business or growing in their career. Check out the coaching tab on the website if this is something you would benefit from during this time. All coaching sessions are available via phone, zoom or in person sessions for those located in the Dallas area.

Thank you so much for all your continued support as a community. This brand would not be possible without you. I am beyond humbled to create products that can bring you peace and a coaching series that will help you grow as a powerful woman. We are all in this together!

Jenna Moayedi

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