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Time Out! Meditation Tips for Those on the Go

Let’s face it.  We never really know how our day is to go until we are in the thick of it. And yet, when things go from zero stress to off-the-charts stress, it’s usually our minds that are the first to let us know. 

Meditation is great calming tool; the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of meditation can help with better breathing, increased blood flow and slower heart rate, and fewer anxiety attacks, headaches and migraines.

At Indigo Aura Self Care, we are committed to your health and well-being. Here we offer these (2-5 minute) “on the go” mini meditation techniques. These mind-calming and thought-clearing tips can take the edge off of a potentially stressful day, or a day that’s already brimming over with stress. 

1. Object Meditation

Tip:  Visually bring your attention to an object that draws your attention.  It can be a candle flame, a photo, a flower, or anything you make a connection with in front of you.  Allow you mind to get lost in whatever draws your attention to the object—its color, shape, or texture. Do this for two to five minutes as you take deep breaths.  When finished, bring your attention back to normal awareness and feel the calm.

When to do it:  while sitting at your desk, in between appointments, or waiting on a long line.

2. Breathing Meditation

Tip: Sit or stand, bringing your awareness to your breath.  With focus, follow your breath as you breathe in and breathe out.  Imagine your breathing as if it were a wave in the ocean. Feel it as the tide goes in and out.  Feel the sensation and flow and begin to count with each breath. Breathe in: count 1 (one); breathe out: count 2 (two).  Do this for 20-30 full counts.  Feel you your busy thoughts subside.

When to do it: before a meeting, while working at your computer, after a heated exchange with someone

A Word Meditation

Tip: Choose a word or phrase that represents tranquility and peace, like “tranquil” or “I'm at peace.” Repeat your word or phrase quietly to yourself, outwardly and inwardly.  As you do this, try to focus only on the sound and feeling of your chosen word and nothing else. If thoughts come up other than your chosen word or phrase, gently redirect your attention back to your intention. Do this for 2-5 minutes and feel the difference.

When to do it:  while waiting on a long line, before a meeting, while commuting to work.

At Indigo Aura, we believe in treating the whole person by offering natural products and information to help the body and mind achieve balance, and a lasting sense of peace. For more information, contact us through our website.

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