Understanding self love

Self Love is showing yourself compassion, kindness, and grace. It is forgiving yourself, dispersing self confidence, empathy and awareness. In order for you to do this, you must understand that you DESERVE IT. Without this understanding, you will go through life putting other people first and ignoring not only your basic needs, but your need for self care in general.

Affirmations In order to get to a place of self love, you need to tell yourself little affirmations throughout the day. I am worthy, I am great and I deserve all the good things coming my way. If you are more visual, write it on the mirror in your bathroom or have affirmations throughout your home. On the mirror in my bedroom, I have a sticker decal that says "Baby, you are the whole damn meal" because I struggle with body confidence. This is a reminder that I am worthy and it encourages me to have body love. In my living room, I have wall art that says, "You are strong," as a reminder that I can get through anything, even when I struggle with anxiety in some of my darkest days. In my office, I have a piece of art that says, "Screw perfection," as a reminder that we are human and mistakes are inevitable and a milestone in getting to the next level.

You get the picture. It took me 30 years to truly love myself and trust me, I am still a work in progress. If this is something you struggle with, know that you can only go up from here. This is your moment. You can start your self love journey today, right now!

Your Tribe

I find myself mentioning this in almost every blog post because the people in your life will deeply impact your happiness and well being. Make sure that the people in your tribe lift you up, send positive vibrations your way at all times and are genuinely supportive, happy for you and with you. If you choose to continue with relationships/friendships that are toxic, your energy will match that and it will be very difficult to find self love. I am constantly nurturing my life and making sure that bad energy is not let in. It is also ok to outgrow relationships. There is no rule that says you have to stay in an unhealthy friendship just because you have known them for x amount of years. That is bullshit. And it will set you back. But remember that you always have the ability to edit and revise your life. It is in your control. You just have to choose happiness and have the self awareness to understand when people hit your boundaries.

What you put into the universe...

I am a big believer in the idea that what you put into the universe, you will receive back. For example. Everyday I make a conscious effort to be empathetic, kind and understanding. I do this because I truly believe that being a good person will pay it forward and bring nothing but good people your way. I reject negative self thoughts, I reject negative people and I make sure that I do the hard work to truly get what I want in life. If you don't put in the self work, you will not have the outcome that you desire. I wish you nothing but good vibrations and I hope that next time you are planning out your week, you take a moment to plan out little self care moments.

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you." -Rupi Kaur

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