Your Daily Self Care Habit Guide


Tip #1

Understand your excuses

Have you ever noticed that you make up little excuses in your head in regard to why you can't do something? "I can't workout because I don't have time," or "I can't meet for lunch on Saturday, because I will be too tired from the week before." Whatever is on the end of that excuse, there is a fear associated. The fear of displeasing others, fomo, I am an introvert, etc. If you do not identify it, it will continue to remain an excuse and you will never find the time to capture a moment for yourself. So next time you make an excuse for why you are not going to do something, ask yourself, does this fill me up with joy, or does it deplete me? This is a metric I use on a daily basis and I promise you, it works. Understanding the things that bring you happiness are essential in creating precious moments for yourself every day.

Tip #2

Your morning routine

I have worked on this one...for years. Mostly because I am stubborn and wouldn't listen to any advice on how to improve my day from the start. But finally, I called bs on myself (aka my excuses) and found a routine, a serious a game changer when it comes to setting my day up for nothing but good energy. The same routine isn’t going to work for everyone, but morning routines in general, are great for our mental health. They’re especially great to help out people with depression and anxiety. Here are a few I find helpful.

  • Going to bed the night before by a specific time every night. (This depends on how early you would like to wake up). This was the most important factor in helping me achieve my morning rituals.

  • Working out or stretching for at least 30 minutes every morning. After doing this, I feel energized and excited to start my day.

  • Meditate or drink coffee with no sound or phone for at least 10 minutes. This will allow you to reflect, decompress and have a quick moment before you start your day.

  • Read a book or if you dont have time to read in the morning, listen to a podcast of interest while getting ready. I listen to an entrepreneur podcast which is most relevant to me, but I recommend listening to or reading something that will motivate and inspire you.

  • Eat breakfast before you leave the house. The most important meal of the day ladies! And when you eat at home, you won't be rushing to get through the Starbucks line. Avoid all unnecessary stressors.

  • Time it right. Know exactly how long it takes you to get ready, from morning rituals to the moment you walk out the door. Being late for work or any type of meeting is the biggest attribute to anxiety in a morning routine and with practice, it can be eliminated all together.

Tip #3

Your Job

If you can say that you absolutely love your job, you go girl! I am proud of you for going out and getting what you want in a career! This section is not for you. This section is for the women who are in a job that they passionately dislike. A job that takes away from your happiness and attributes a negative connotation on your mental health. Let me be clear in saying that you have 100% control over your situation. If you hate your job, update that resume girl and know your worth! Life is far too short to waste one more minute in a situation that does not serve you. Take the risk and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Tip #4

Your Inner Circle

Jim Rohn once said, "you are the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with, and that means, everyone counts." I couldn't agree more and whether you agree with this concept or not, take a close look at the people closest to you and do a quick evaluation. Do these people bring you joy, do they encourage, inspire, motivate and support you? Do they challenge you to be better or ask the hard questions when they need to be asked? I do not know your situation, but your inner circle is crucial in regard to self care. In my inner circle, I evaluate the people closest to me...always. I recommend being completely honest with them and setting boundaries. That way, everyone in your inner circle knows what to expect.

Tip #5

Your Perspective

Self care can be face mask or bubble bath occasionally, but 90 percent of the time, self care comes from within. It requires a restructuring of habits that are essential in achieving happiness. If you are open minded to them, I am fully confident that you can accomplish your biggest self care goals! I look forward to hear about your journey! Please DM me @indigoauraselfcare to share your story and keep in touch.


Jenna Moayedi


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